Just published: EMN inform on incentives and motives for voluntary departure

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The latest EMN inform focuses on the incentives and motives for third-country nationals without legal grounds to reside in the EU to voluntarily return to their country of origin.

To support the voluntary return, most Member States plus Norway were found to provide pre-departure and post-arrival incentives, both in-cash and in-kind, such as counselling, medical or psychological assistance, and logistical support to organise the return journey. Incentives with the most impacts were the ones that could be tailored to the specific needs of the third-country national in question.

Incentives are not necessarily the main deciding factor as other factors, such as economic opportunities, security, social circle, etc. have the greatest impact overall on a third-country national’s decision to depart voluntarily. These factors can, in some cases, outweigh the incentives offered, leading to forced return or a continued stay. However, return and reintegration assistance can help the third-country national to make the final step once their decision to depart voluntarily is taken.

To download the inform please click here.