A presentation of the Destination Europe tool developed by the European Migration Network was held

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On September 23, 2022, an online presentation of the interactive and digital learning tool on migration management Destination Europe, created by the European Migration Network, was held

Representatives of EMN NCP Luxembourg briefly presented this tool developed by migration experts from various European countries united in the European Migration Network, and Dr. Alice Szczepanikova, who designed it, addressed the participants. The presentation was attended, among others, by representatives of the National Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN NCP Croatia) for Croatia and representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education.

Destination Europe is a discussion platform that helps users understand the complexity of the decision-making process in the migration context. Through simulated environments, users experience migration decision-making as a complex process involving different actors with sometimes conflicting interests for 90 minutes. They face different migration challenges, first at the level of the European Union, and then in their national and local contexts. The tool illustrates the real-life impacts of political decisions on different categories of migrants and the public in receiving countries. The tool is intended for simultaneous use by four to six users over the age of 16. It has been tested on more than 230 users, including university students, migration experts and practitioners. For now, it has been translated into 6 languages, and it can be downloaded for free at the link: https://destinationeurope.uni.lu/.

At the meeting, the representatives of the national contact points of the countries implementing the pilot phase of this presented their experiences so far. The tool was introduced in the pilot phase in Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Slovakia, where, through the cooperation of national contact points, national migration networks, schools, colleges and other interested stakeholders, it was presented to teachers and professors as well as pupils and students.