A virtual roundtable was held on the topic of integration challenges

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On 21 December 2020 a round table was held on the challenges of integration in the Republic of Croatia

The roundtable served as an opportunity to discuss the challenges in the integration of migrants in the Republic of Croatia.

The Croatian and European strategic framework of integration was discussed. The representative of the European Commission presented the Action Plan for Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027.

The plan promotes the inclusion of all people, the recognition of important contributions of migrants to the European Union and the removal of possible obstacles regarding inclusion and participation of persons of migrant origin in the European society.
Croatian Government's Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities presented the work on a new Action Plan for persons granted international protection for the period 2021-2023. The plan formalizes cooperation with local level authorities, establishes a system that monitor the results of the implementation of integration measures and contains educational activities for representatives of public institutions and non-governmental organizations at the local level.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations and state institutions presented and discussed the challenges and previous experiences of implementing projects related to the integration process.

Good practice was presented by the City of Karlovac, which has successfully integrated more than five families through resettlement programs. Also, the participants of the roundtable were two successfully integrated migrants who have been living and working in the Republic of Croatia for many years. They shared with the audience their experience and all the challenges they faced when going through the process of integration into the Croatian society.

Concept note and agenda can be found here