The 12th meeting of the National Migration Network was held

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On 29 September 2022, 12th meeting of the National Migration Network was held within the work of the National Contact Point for the European Migration Network of the Republic of Croatia (EMN NCP HR)

The meeting was attended by approximately 20 participants of the National Migration Network, which consists of national authorities and non-governmental and international organizations, including the Ministry of Interior, which acts as the EMN NCP HR.

The opening speech was given by the member of the EMN National Contact Point for the Republic of Croatia, Mrs. Gordana Valenta. After the opening speech, the team of the National Contact Point for EMN in the Republic of Croatia briefly presented the work and activities of EMN. Special emphasis was placed on explaining the functioning of the ad hoc questionnaire system in order to better familiarize and involve network members in all the possibilities that the project can offer.

As a result of war events caused by the Russian Federation, which caused the arrival of a large number of displaced persons who, due to that armed conflict, had to leave Ukraine, on March 7, 2022, temporary protection was introduced in the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the Implementing Decision of the Council (EU ) 2022/382 of March 4, 2022 on establishing the existence of a mass influx of displaced persons from Ukraine in the sense of Article 5 of Directive 2001/55/EC which has the effect of introducing temporary protection. Mrs. Zdenka Vidaković from the Service for International Protection and Mrs. Elizabeta Filipaj from the Croatian Employment Service spoke more about temporary protection and displaced persons from Ukraine.

After that, the EMN NCP HR members presented some of the EMN publications so that the members of the network were familiar with the functioning of contributions and publication of outputs within the EMN.

The meeting was an opportunity for all participants to present news in their departments and work since the last meeting.